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 ability cards

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PostSubject: ability cards   Fri Oct 10, 2008 6:34 pm

boomer cymbals ability card:
all opposing bakugan lose 150 g's
boomer smashes his cymbols together ( only boomer can use)
cost 100 points

mermaidis's tail slap ability card:
every bakugan loses 100 g's
she can slap you with her tail ( only mermaidis can use)
cost 75 points

angel reinforcements ability card:
Angel Allows both players to set another bakugan on the same
gate card of the same attribute and combines the g power
cost 60 points

berserker slice : slice-can destory any gate card to it left or right
80 points

manionette: can only be used by manion can take out a gate card from play or move manion to any gate card
125 points

legendary soldier ability card: this card is for the legendary soldiers they gain 300 g's
250 g's

silent core ability card ( only naga can use) : all bakugan but naga lose 400 g's
cost 250 points

infinity core ability card ( only wayvern can use) : wavryn gains 400 g's
cost 250 points

falconeer wings: all falconeers wings become extremly powerfull and gain 200 g's
cost 175 points

griffon wings: same as falconeer except griffon
cost 175 points

Wind Power If your opponent has a Bakugan in their used pile with the same attribute as one of their Bakugan in battle, then your Bakugan gains 100 g's
75 points

Lightning Tornado A wall of wind and lightning, lowering your opponents Gs by 100. (Haos Only)
75 points

Ashes For every Gate Card in your used pile, one of your Pyrus Bakugan gets a 80 G-Power boost.
50 points

Bonfire Your Bakugan gains a 100 G-Power boost for every ability card in your used pile. (Pyrus Only)
75 points

Firewall A wall of flame that decreases your opponents G-Power by 100. Pyrus Only.
75 points

Aquos Play at the beginning of battle where you have an Aquos Bakugan. Replace that Bakugan with any of your unused Bakugan not already in the arena.
100 points

Predictable Opponent Play during a battle. If your opponent has a Bakugan in his used pile that is the same Attribute as the one he has in battle. Your Bakugan gaines 150 g's
cost 125 points

Summon Wave Play during a battle on one of your opponent's Gate cards. Your Bakugan gains 175 g's
cost 150 points

Help from Friends Play during a battle. If your opponent has more Gate cards in his used pile than you do, he must give one of them to the cards owner (to be played later)
150 points

Home Advantage Play during a battle on one of your Gate cards. Your Bakugan gains 140 g's
120 points

Evil Power Play before you roll. If there is a battle this turn, the Bakugan with the highest printed G-Power gets +200 G-Power
cost 150 points

Julie's Throw Play before you roll. Pick an enemy Bakugan on a Gate card. Your opponent puts that Bakugan in his used pile and replaces it with one of his unused Bakugan.
cost 100 points

Blaze Play during a battle. Your Bakugan gains 100 g's ( pyrus only)
75 points

Siege Switch Play during a battle. Your Seige changes to any Attribute you choose.
cost 150 points

Bright Light Play during a battle. Your Bakugan gains 200 g's
cost 175 g's ( haos only)

Darkus Play during a battle where you have a Darkus Bakugan. If your Bakugans printed G-Power is higher than your opponents by less than 70, the Gate card gives you 300 g's
cost 190 points

G-Power Bump Play during a battle. Your Bakugan gains 100 g's they lose 150 g's
200 points

Pyrus Play before you roll a Pyrus Bakugan. All Bakugan have their Printed G-Power reduced to zero in any battle this turn
cost 125 g's

Runo's Throw Play before you roll. You may roll a Bakugan from your used pile this turn (you still only roll one Bakugan this turn)
cost 200 points

Power From Darkness Play during a battle on one of your opponent's Gate cards. Your Bakugan gains 150 g's
cost 100 points

Haos Play during a battle if your opponent's printed G-Power is 150 or more higher than yours. Your Bakugan gains 180 g's
( haos only)

Dan's Throw Play before you roll. If this roll results in a battle, you may take back one of your Ability cards from your used pile.
cost 200 points

Maruchos Throw Play after you roll. You may move your Bakugan to another Gate Card
cost 200 points

Ability Card: Quick Fang can switch opponets gate cards with another and can swap any bakugan with an unused one.
cost 150 points
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ability cards
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